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INGAIt’s been a year since INGA the project lead by Los Angeles musician Sam Gendel released any new material. Now, they’re back with a new track “Crossroads”, a mid-tempo slice of folk-jazz fusion that finds the group in fine form.

“Two woods diverged in a road. A road in the fork. Life was, is, and ever shall be, hard. The point is to just keep moving straight ahead. Eventually you find yourself somewhere. How can you meet me at the crossroads if the crossroads isn’t fixed? It is a fleeting moment in time. Music is sound sculpted in time. Life is a fleeting moment of organized matter. All that said, I would like for YOU to meet ME at the crossroads.” Sam Gendel

The delightfully calming track dazzles with Grendel’s soulful vocals, Adam Ratner’s soft guitar melodies and not to mention Kevin Yokota’s light drums. Listen below and grab the digital download here.          


Crossroads is out now – buy from Bandcamp.

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