Reissue: Tenorio Jr. – Embalo

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Master jazz pianist Tenorio Jr. aka Francisco Tenório Júnior only recorded this one album, “Embalo,” originally released on RGE in 1964. Rumour has it that he was arrested and thrown in jail (and possibly even murdered) while on tour with Toquinho and Vinicius de Moraes in Argentina in 1976. He has not been seen since…

Soon after the disappearance of Tenorio Jr. filmmaker Rogerio Lima produced a short film entitled “Balada para Tenorio,” which chronicles the disappearance with interviews with family and friends.

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Júnior played on Gal Costa’s classic song “Pontos De Luz,” as sampled by Kaytranada on “Lite Spots”. This classic album has long been on our list to reissue and we are delighted to be able to present it at last with replica original artwork.      


Tenorio Jr. – Embalo – out now via Mr Bongo on Vinyl LP/CD.

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