Album Of The Week: Hector Plimmer – Sunshine

Hector Plimmer

Sunshine, the first album from South London designer, producer and DJ Hector Plimmer, is a bit of a gem.

The keen attention to detail in his productions is ever-present throughout the 10-track album. Every little element plays a part in the puzzle, from tapping a light bulb to finding a sweet sounding Kalimba.

Plimmer had this to say about the record: “It represents (in no particular order) my musical journey over the past 4 or so years, some of which may never have seen the light of day. All of the music in this album has come about as organically as possible, from tapping a light bulb I was changing to finding a sweet sounding Kalimba at Raw Material in Brixton and recording it on my phone (shout out to Miles laughing in the background of ‘Kalimba 2’).”

From the twisting breaks of opener “Let’s Stay” to the infectious Brazilian vibe of “Bossa B” and the tantalisingly distorted vocals on “Lonely Man” this album unfolds itself through many layers.

The predominantly solo album also features two vocal guest spots. On “Eastern System” singer Drahla charms her way around Asian melodies, and African rhythms.  The title track features And Is Phi who floats effortlessly in and out of Plimmer’s smoky blues production.

One thing about this album is that there’s nothing else like it around at the moment. 


Sunshine is out now via Albert’s Favourites – buy from Bandcamp.

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