Album Of The Week: Saagara – 2



Polish composer and clarinettist Wacław Zimpel teams up with an Indian orchestra and producer mooryc for a new collaborative album entitled “2”.

Recorded in Bangalore last December Zimpel started preparations for the new Saagara album around two months ahead of a trip to India. “My main aim for this album was to create a bridge between Indian sounds and Western music logic in order to go against some popular trends”, says Zimpel. “Saagara’s first record was a deep dive into Karnatic tradition but I had to admit to myself that I am by no means a classical Indian musician. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to steer the band to the West but avoiding popular world music clichés. Thankfully Saagara is a very creative entity.”

“2” is the third Zimpel album that will feature significant input from Berlin-based producer mooryc. Zimpel had this to say about his relationship with the producer: “Our collaboration operates on constant thoughts exchange but this time his work is more visible all over the album despite the fact that he didn’t participate in the recording session.”

The eight track album is a delicate meeting of jazz and India’s Carnatic music. Zimpel’s ability to create refreshingly unique compositions within the genre has always caught the ear. Particularly on tracks like “Daydream,” “Hoofbeat” and “Uprise” that send us to a whole new dimension. Listen below, you won’t be disappointed.                


‘2’ is out now via Instant Classic – buy from Bandcamp.

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