Nan Kolè will release his first solo EP via Bristol label Black Acre

Nan Kolè - Bayefal

Nan Kolè will release his debut solo EP on Bristol-based label Black Acre. The Rome-born DJ and producer and founder of Gqom Oh! record label will release his 4-track Malumz EP on April 14th.

“Malumz is a tribute to my Gqom Oh! family. They call me Malumz, which in Zulu means ‘Uncle’. The first time Citizen Boy called me ‘Malumz’, it was overwhelming — I felt a change in my relationship with all the guys because they started to treat me more as a family member, which meant a lot,” explained Nan Kolè in the press release.

The EP features an original track titled, “Bayefal” and remixes of “Malumz” by Gqom producers Citizen Boy and Formation Boyz.

Listen to the lead track “Bayefal”below.


01. Bayefal
02. Malumz (Tribute To Gqom Oh!)
03. Malumz (Citizen Boy Remix)
04. Malumz (Formation Boyz Remix)


Black Acre will release Malumz on April 14th – pre-order from Bandcamp.


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