Album Of The Week: Collocutor – The Search

Collocutor - The Search

Tamar Osborn’s Collocutor ensemble follow-on from their acclaimed debut LP, “Instead,” with a new full-length titled The Search. According to the label “The album title refers to searching for a better way to exist in the world, but that could be emotional, spiritual or more simply a move to a geographically different place. The last track is called ‘Arrival’ and hopefully suggests something positive for us to aim for in these unsettled times.”

The seven tracks that make up the album all expertly played and wonderfully arranged, audacious modal jazz music that starts with the Sun Ra-esque “Disappearance,” and takes in three atmospheric improvised Conversations. In an album full of highlights, it’s hard to pick a standout, but my personal favourite is “Here To there To Everywhere,” a sprawling and continually unexpected 12-minute long journey of free-flowing jazz.

“Collocutor is an opportunity to explore musically all the cultural connections which are part of being a human being, particularly in the 21st century, in somewhere like London, where you do meet everyone from everywhere. If you’re open-minded, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with them and find out which bits of each other’s cultures connect and make sense.” Tamar Osborn.

The Search is an impressive second album that captivates the listener from beginning to end and leaves us uplifted with radiant energy and hope in these challenging times.    


The Search is out now via On The Corner – buy from Bandcamp or Juno.

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