Twistedsoul Guest Mix: Lazy Salon Infinity Landscaping Mix

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Having recently premiered “Ong’s Hat” by Sean Byrne aka Lazy Salon we thought it would be great if he could curate a mix for the site. With his new album “Invisible Like Peace” out today what better time to get aquatinted with the boundary-pushing producer’s musical inspirations. It’s a wild journey that throws together the sounds of Robert Palmer, Auther Russell, Marvin Gaye, Alice Coltrane, Jackie Mitto, Mulatu Astatke and more. A diverse selection if ever there was one but Byrne puts it all together with effortless style. Much like his new album the mix is constantly twisting and turning while remaining connected throughout its 59-minute plus runtime. Here’s what the New Jersey artist had to say about the mix:

“The mix includes some selections that directly/indirectly inspired or informed some Lazy Salon ideas, while other tracks here are just recent discoveries or long-time favourites of which I never pass on the chance to force upon some unsuspecting friend/listener.

The theme (if there is one) is loosely instrumental, textural, melodic and ambient/hypnotic in a very broad sense of all those terms. Hopefully, the whole thing ebbs & flows as intended. Enjoy.”

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Robert Palmer – Off The Bone
Arthur Russell – Instrumentals Vol1
Marvin Gaye – Infinity
Spaceship Aloha – Voyager
Seefeel – Air Eyes
King Biscuit Time – Niggling Discrepancy
Yo La Tengo – Sea Urchins
We Have Heaven – Dragon 21
Alice Coltrane – Huntington Ashram Monastery
Mulatu Astatke – Tezeta
William Tyler – Cadillac Desert
Five Style – Pledge Drive
Slowdive – Good Day Sunshine
Jackie Mittoo – Holly Holy
Express Rising – Worry Your Time
Harpers Bizarre – Witchi Tai To
Manuel Gottsching – E2-E4
Casino Versus Japan – Medery
Phish – Sand 9/2/12
Suzuki Junzo – Revelation Of The Confidential…
I Think Like Midnight – Dulce De Leche
Husker Du – Don’t Know Yet



Invisible Like Peace is out now – buy via Bandcamp.

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