Album Of The Week: Jonwayne – Rap Album Two

Jonwayne - Rap Album Two

Following a lengthy self-imposed hiatus from music due to his struggles with alcoholism, LA producer and rapper Jonwayne drops the second edition to the Rap Album series, the follow to his Stones Throw release back in 2013.

The 12-track project is a dairy through his battles, which he addressed in an open letter early this year.

“I promptly removed myself from the community and went into exile,” Jonwayne wrote. “I became sober and began to make healthy choices with the help of family. I, for once, put myself before my ambition and it made for a bittersweet reality. In the process I alienated friends and allies. Opportunities and security slipped through my fingers. Bridges were burned. Momentum screeched to a halt. I was scared. All which I’ve spent my entire adult life building seemingly came crashing down on me.”

A powerful and brutally honest piece of work Rap Album Two is a fascinating listen throughout and tracks like the sobering and introspective “Out Of Sight” and “Blue Green” which finds the rapper overwrought by his addiction offer a harrowing glimpse of a man fighting his demons.

Despite its dark subject, Jonwayne’s deeply personal chronicle into his downward spiral is very engaging listen.

Rap Album Two is out now via Authors Recording Co – buy from Bandcamp.

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