Anenon – Saturn / Perfume

Listen to Anenon's new track 'Fetish'

Oh, this is nice. Los Angeles producer Anenon has shared two new tracks. Speaking about how the songs came to fruition, he says:

“Saturn” was made in collaboration with my friend Shane McKillop. I can’t remember exactly what month… maybe October? Shane is one of the sweetest guys I know and a really great bass player with a beautifully thick and dark tone. His groove is on point too. We made the core of this track in an afternoon at his studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles and I went back home and obsessively arranged and mixed it. I’m really into the idea of the solo being a thing in electronic music, but in a tasteful way. It doesn’t really happen much. We each get one here. My tenor solo during the ambient build up middle section while Shane rips a sick electric bass solo at the end of the track. More collaborations to come, hopefully.

I made “Perfume” in July, 2016 while Chantal and I were subletting a house in Mt. Washington for the summer. I set up a little “studio” in the kids room. I later found out that the built-in desk I was working on was designed and built by Shin Okuda, who is coincidentally making me saxophone stands now. He’s a very cool guy. Anyways, I had just gotten back from Mexico City and the high from releasing Petrol in March had come down a lot. It was hard for me to figure out where to go musically after releasing an album that I felt pretty satisfied with. Sometimes I wish I could be that archetypical artist who decrees all of his past efforts as bullshit, but I still listen to Petrol today and I still think it’s a pretty good album. I had a performance upcoming at The Broad museum and I just sat down and banged this track out with that in mind. I wasn’t sure about the 4/4 kicks (I never am) but then I visualized the track as this trance-like energy vehicle for the live set. Sam Gendel (who has played sax with me during Anenon sets a couple of times) and I interlocking with minimalist saxophone patterns on top of the deep bass and lush pads with Jon-Kyle keeping steady time with the drums. It worked. I ended the set with this track and I remember seeing my friends and strangers alike all with this dazed and sort of euphoric glazed look right after. I love this track and played it during every set on my recent Europe tour but I don’t see it as part of any next project.”

Listen to “Saturn” and “Perfume” below.              

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