Robert ÆOLUS Myers – Mystery Of Music Park

mystery-of-music-park-from-a-retrospective-by-aeolusWe’ve been looking forward to the release of the forthcoming ÆOLUS anthology since it was announced earlier this year. This album from Robert ÆOLUS Myers tells the story of a man whose music elevates its listeners to a place of inspiration and enlightenment.

Today, we’re sharing the ethereal “Mystery Of Music Park” from the forthcoming anthology due for release on February 17th via Aloha Got Soul.

Close your eyes, imagine you’re somewhere deep in the forest. In the distance, a soft, meditative sound passes through the air, embracing you with grace and beauty.

This is bliss.                       

A Retrospective by ÆOLUS is out February 17th – (Limited to 500 copies).

CF Smith

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