Album: Carleen Anderson – Cage Street Memorial – The Pilgrimage

Cage Street Memorial - The Pilgrimage
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Cage Street Memorial ~ The Pilgrimage, Carleen Anderson‘s 7th solo album, is something special, different and absolutely unique. The winner of Jazz FM’s 2013 Best UK Vocalist Award blends styles ranging from jazz, soul, gospel, opera, to classical chamber music. The mixture of musical genres makes this an exciting, genuine and highly personal offering that sits far outside the boundaries of contemporary soul and urban music. This project is not just an album of original music, it is one part of a creative trilogy, also taking the form of a multi-media theatre production and Carleen’s generational book, Cage Street Memorial ~ The Chapel of Mirrors.

Carleen has lovingly crafted this album using the whole of her talents, lifelong influences and experiences and forged all this into a stand out evolution allowance imbued throughout with her delicate personal approach. Utilising basic instrumentation – her incredibly versatile voice and simplistic piano manner, Orphy Robinson’s synergistic vibraphone & percussion, Samy Bishai’s consummate violin playing, and the subtle and diligent bass skills of Renell Shaw – the collective musicianship delivers an authentic concept.

In this seventh autonomous overture, Anderson redefines herself as a Singing Poet from the New Guard, setting music to the scenes of the human experience. Cage Street Memorial is The Pilgrimage universally lived by all of us, to some degree or another.


Cage Street Memorial – The Pilgrimage is out now (buy)

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