Album: WOO – Awaawaa



British brothers Clive and Mark Ives, have been recording together since the 70s. Over that time they have developed a sound wholly their own, combining acoustic instrumentation (primarily guitar and clarinet) and electronics in a way that reflects the past, present and future. This album via Palto Flats and New General Catalogue collects unheard WOO recordings from 1975-82. On Awaawaa they blend jazz, psychedelic, ambient and folk/pop idioms. Their work has drawn comparisons to Durutti Column + Cluster. Beautiful material, props to Palto Flats and New General Catalogue.






1. Odd Spiral
2. Green Blob
3. Mobile Phone
4. The Goodies
5. Homage to Matta
6. Sympti
7. Tick Tock
8. Awaawaa
9. Back on Track
10. Ruby Past Lives
11. Wobbly
12. Robots Dancing
13. Babalonia
14. Sailing
15. Fun, the Final Frontier
16. Fanfare


Awaawaa is out now via Palto Flats & New General Catalogue (buy)

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