Album: 55 Cancri e ‎– Att Lämna Tellus

Sara Hausenkamp aka 55 Cancri E
Image by Sara Hausenkamp

On her debut full length album, Swedish artist Sara Hausenkamp aka 55 Cancri e  lets her dreams of space travel come to full fruition. The album is about the search for a peace of mind and a place in the universe where you belong. What you get with this LP is 10 tracks of beautiful electronic folk which set lots of different moods. Some moments are mellow and bluesy like on “Att Lamna Tellus I (Oknen)” and “Att Lamna Tellus II” (Solen Garner)”. Others, like “Alltid Du” and ” Ravjakt” bring her seductive vocals to the front of the track. The hypnotic “55 Cancri e II” is one of my favourite tracks on the album. A simple, intimate piece that drifts along in a state of stillness. The ethereal production creates a tranquil atmosphere where both electronic and acoustic sounds meet to provide the soothing and transcendental backdrop. Giving the listener another insight into the mysterious world that is 55 Cancri E this is night music from outer space.         


 Att Lämna Tellus is out December 9th via Music For Dreams (pre-order)

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