Album: Maajo – Tropic of Tulli


Maajo is a musical extension of the similarly titled “Maajo (Take One )” released by Herman Prime a few years ago. Since the release of the single Prime’s original idea has expanded to a five-member band. The music is the product of a mixed technique where vocal samples and programmed synthesisers coalesce with finger-plucked guitars and handheld percussion. The album pushes the boundaries of conventional genres with several strong currents of inspiration: an obsession with Balearic disco, deep tribal roots, a love of eighties Afropop, lessons from minimalist composers and a desire to just dub it up. The 12-track collection of songs is colourful, vibrant and eclectic with every track going where it wants, but all arriving at pure musical bliss. It’s an ever-evolving record that opens a door into a different soundscape from the one before. What’re you waiting for? Press play below and enjoy.              


Tropic of Tulli – is out now via Queen Nanny (buy)


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