Album Of The Week: Barnaby Carter -While It Still Blooms

Album Of The Week: Barnaby Carter - ‘While It Still Blooms‘

Via Project Mooncircle: It is a fundamental part of life that in order for something new to emerge, something old has to pass and give up its space and resources. This circulation between life and death is the source of everything beautiful. It is omnipresent in the whole of nature and all cycles of reproduction we know.

“Life is finite yet cyclical. It’s beautiful. I am inspired by nature, and of the growth within it, albeit temporary. But for me, as I said before, the finiteness of life is part of its beauty. So enjoy the moment.” – Barnaby Carter

The positive melancholy of ‘While It Still Blooms’ is his testament to acceptance, creativity, and simplicity. This album is fantastic from beginning to end.        



Barnaby Carter – While It Still Blooms is out now via Project Mooncircle (buy)

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