Ben Hayes – We Must Cultivate EP (TS Premeire)

 Ben Hayes - We Must Cultivate

South East London electronic musician Ben Hayes only recently shot onto our radar with the intriguing “Ala”. Since then, we’ve been backtracking through his forward thinking productions.

Ben describes his unique sound as “punctuating evolving organic textures with evocatively lopsided beats, whilst bringing to the foreground the minute beauty hidden in sounds that would otherwise pass us by.” His new 3-track EP showcases this with aplomb.

Naturally drawn to the communicative power of music, his compositions take unexpected twists and turns rarely starting and finishing in the same place, instead, taking listeners on narrative journeys.

There’s plenty to get excited about on “We Must Cultivate” as Hayes brings us on a trip of humanity’s rise and potential fall, starting, in “Ala,” with the early formation of life. “Cradle,” featuring Nubya Garcia (Kiko Bun, Swindle, Congo Natty) on saxophone, tells the story of the earliest civilisations and their first conflicts. Rounding out the release, “Garden of Pangloss,” also featuring Nubya Garcia, is about humanity narrowly avoiding its own demise, a reminder that “we must cultivate our garden”.

The EP is an unfolding epic that slowly puts you in a trance. You won’t even notice the sixteen-minute duration as you’re drawn into Hayes’ world of experimental and atmospheric sounds.

We can’t wait to hear what else Ben Hayes has in store for us next but for now, “We Must Cultivate” is here for your listening pleasure.                                               

1. Ala
2. Cradle
3. Garden of Pangloss

Ben Hayes’ ‘We Must Cultivate’ is out now (buy)

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