Peggy Gou shares new EP ‘Seek For Maktoop’

Peggy Gou drops her new EP Seek For Maktoop
Image by Jae Huh

Berlin-based artist Peggy Gou has released her new EP “Seek For Maktoop via Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint. Comprising three sweetly-swung, groove-focused productions coaxed from her beloved MPC3000, it’s the perfect summation of Peggy’s unique sonic signature.

Maktoop is from the Arabic word maktoob meaning ‘written’ or ‘destiny’ so the EP title could be interpreted as ‘looking for destiny’,” explains Peggy. “It’s also a reference to two of my best friends: Sik (or ‘Seek’) and Bada (who taught me this Arabic word). They have always been very supportive of my music and I wanted to acknowledge that somehow.”

This EP is very much worth your time. Hit play now.


1. Gou Talk
2. Maktoop
3. Rose

Peggy Gou’s ‘Seek For Maktoop‘ is  out now via Technicolour (buy)

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