Barnaby Carter – Cold Weather Warm Soul

Bristol-born multi-instrumentalist, electronic artist Barnaby Carter shares new track.

Bristol-born multi-instrumentalist, electronic artist Barnaby Carter will release his debut LP “While It Still Blooms” October 28th via Project Mooncircle.

Listen to the stunning “Cold Weather Warm Soul,” a lush ambient track that’s both perfect for daydreaming and dancing.  It’s a beautiful track with just the right amount of leftfield experimentation combined with a touch of pop fun.

“Life is finite yet cyclical. It’s beautiful. I am inspired by nature, and of the growth within it, albeit temporary. But for me, as I said before, the finiteness of life is part of it’s beauty. So enjoy the moment.”Barnaby Carter

Tune in below.


1. Ought’ve
2. Evening Redness
3. Your Greatest Gift
4. They’ll Come With Joy
5. Basti
6. Cold Weather Warm Soul
7. It’s My Constant
8. This Is Ours
9. Interpreter
10. West Kennet
11. A Place Beyond The Pines
12. Sassuolo Cagliari
13. Portus Abonae (Bonus)
14. In Bloom (Bonus)
15. Redcliffe (Bonus)

“While It Still Blooms” comes out worldwide digitally and on limited red/blue splattered vinyl(pre-order)

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