Album: Annelies Monseré – Debris

Annelies Monsere -Debris

If you’re looking for dark droning sounds combined with folk-inspired songwriting, look no further. The third full-length from Annelies Monseré features seven sparse, drone-infused tracks that are consistent in mood, but with many unexpected twist and turns along the way. Most tracks are focused on vocals and just a few instruments, but yet Monseré manages to produce a full sound. On Debris, Monseré shy’s way from many of the illustrious collaborators she has worked with in the past. The only additional musicians on this album are Stevey Marreyt and Yumi Verplancke, who both also appeared on the EP Nest. Exquisite and soothing music.                                         



Annelies Monseré’s Debris LP is out now via Morc (buy)






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