MAST – Me And You (feat. Andrée Belle)

Mast - Me And You (feat. Andrée Belle) Tim Conley aka MAST will release his second full-length album Love and War_ at the end of the week. The highly conceptual and deeply personal album is an exploration into Conley’s eventful love life over the last two years.

Split across a three act structure (War, Love, and Transcendence) the project offers 17 unique compositions each flowing into the next with recurring musical themes or “characters.”

“Love and War_” is set up as a 3 Act play structure based on the last few years of my life. I’ve never released anything this personal and a lot of the subject matter I’ve never talked about. Have to admit I’m a little nervous about it but hope this vulnerability will inspire others. MAST

Listen to the stunning “Me and You” featuring the sultry tones of singer Andrée Belle who is the subject of the song and Love And War‘s final suite.


ACT 1 – Love
1. Loves Metamorphosis Theme
2. The Rendezvous (feat Anwar Marshall)
3. You, Every Second Minute Hour Day
4. The Temptation (feat Marta Bagratuni)
5. She’s Chasing the Dragon (feat Fresh Cut Orchestra)

ACT 2 – War
6. The Sorrow
7. The Breakup (feat Ryat)
8. The Night Drive (feat Tim Lefebvre and Josh Johnson)
9. The Downward Spiral (feat. Brian Marsella)
10. The Letting Go (feat. Taylor McFerrin)
11. On the Prawl Again, Again (feat. Louis Cole and Gavin Templeton)
12. Should’ve Swiped Left (feat. the Koreatown Oddity)

ACT 3 – Transcendence
13. A New Love
14. Feels (feat Nigel Sifantus)
15. Me and You (feat Andrée Belle)
16. The Liberation (feat Makaya McCraven)
17. Transcendence / Loves Metamorphosis Theme


Love and War_  is out on October 7th via Alpha Pup Records (pre-order)

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