Listen to Anenon’s new track ‘Fetish’

Listen to Anenon's new track 'Fetish'Los Angeles native Brian Allen Simon aka Anenon takes a very atmospheric and meandering turn on new track “Fetish”. Teaming up with Sam Gendel (INGA) and Jon-Kyle Mohr the trio’s hybrid of electronica and jazz excites throughout where the lush ambient texture that kicks off the track gives way to a thrilling and frenetic saxophone over the course of this absolutely gorgeous piece of music.

This is very loosely an Anenon track, but in essence more of a collaboration between Sam Gendel, Jon-Kyle Mohr and myself.

The three of us got together in Los Angeles to play in a studio for a couple of days in early January and those two days yielded the results of a few songs that were arranged by myself later in Mexico City, where I resided for the first half of 2016.

I was taking a very similar approach to the methods that I used to make Petrol but after a handful of complete tracks I decided that the process was too much of a repeat of the previous work and decided to stop (for now). The tracks yielded from these sessions include this one (“Fetish”), “Tonala” and a couple of others that will see the light of day at some point.

These tracks represent what I believe to be an important and interesting transitional period that I am happy to share.

Hit play and keep pressing repeat as you’ll hear something new with each listen.


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