Reginald Omas Mamode IV announces debut album, shares two new tracks

Reginald Omas Marode IV shares two new tracks

Having dropped the We Are The Universe EP late last year South London-based artist Reginald Omas Mamode IV has announced his first album. Drenched in soul, the two tracks below sparkle with a concoction of syncopated drums, free jazz, smoked-out synths and Dilla-esque vibes.

The album is said to touch on personal themes such as relationship communication breakdown, to the universal, in the anti-war theme of ‘The Value’.

“Nowadays music seems to be used more as a crutch for humanity.. Most people seem to have forgotten it’s a life blood of our species. The natural rhythms of our hearts beating and the melodic instrument ‘the voice’ gifted to us at birth, are some physical examples of how inherent music is within our being. We all need this thing we call music. Just as all our ancestors did.”
Reginald Omas Mamode IV

Stream two cuts below, and look out for more audio freshness from Mamode in the near future.


01. Bruk Out
02. Talk To Me
03. Drums Of The Positive
04. If You Want To Know
05. Interlude
06. Hush
07. Bump It Up
08. Round N Round
09. Omas Sextet
10. Simmer Down Now
11. The Value
12. From The Soul
13. The Message
14. Trust Me
15. Make It Happen



 Reginald Omas Marode IV’s self-titled album is out on October 14th (pre-order)

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