Album Of The Week: Morgan Guerin – The Saga

Morgan Guerin's The Saga is our Album Of The Week

I am happy to present to you, “The Saga.” After almost one year of work, I’m relieved that this body of work has finally come to fruition. Making this album was a journey – and I am so thankful for the knowledge received in the process. Since I was a young boy, it has been my dream to fully pursue my passion for music. And here it is.

A “saga” is said to be a long, detailed, series of stories. This album is an autobiography of my life – beginning from the moment I started playing the drums (at just a few months old) to now, where my instrumental repertoire consists of a myriad of instruments. Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed to have many mentors who have taught me to play a variety of instruments. For that, I am very thankful.

The songs on this album have all been written by me; they are the result of hard work and meditation. These songs honestly describe my life from birth to this very moment. For example, the tracks “Sharynwood Drive” and “Madeira” are both named after streets in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I grew up. I lived on Sharynwood Drive for many years. To date, my grandmother still lives on Madeira Drive. Those are my two of my happy places and I wrote exactly what I felt in my heart. This goes for every single song on the album. Morgan Guerin

This is one highly impressive debut LP. Listen below.


Morgan Guerin’s The Saga is out now (buy)

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