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Things are moving super fast! A little too fast! We can’t keep up with all the good stuff that drops every day on the interwebs. While we try to post every new track, album, mixtape, video, and MP3 download that we love on the site, it’s impossible to post everything, which means some quality newness gets missed. So, we serve up The Leftovers.


Experimental soul artist Space Monk formerly GDNA has shared the video for his 2015 track “Wet Dreams”. Watch above.


Trax Couture label head Rushmore recently shared the visual for “Ours After” featuring Josh Caffe. Watch above and grab his new album here.


Jared Drever aka Arro dropped on my radar last week with a funky little nugget. The producer from Bells Beach, Australia co-runs a mini label called Bones.Rd that creates videocasts and documentaries about their local scene. His latest track is an edit of the Nigerian funk track “Tire Loma Da Nigbehin” by Monomono. Listen up!


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has unveiled the video for “When I Try, I’m Full,” from her amazing new album EARS. Watch above and if you haven’t yet sampled a taste of Smith’s newest project of other-worldly “sonic puzzles”  head here.


Kristian Westergaard is a Danish composer living in Norway. His wide-ranging background in experimental jazz, punk rock, singer-songwriter makes him a fluent and prolific improviser. Listen to the mesmerising EP, Grey above. (Buy)



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