Awesome Tapes From Africa drop DJ Katapila 12″

DJ Katapila
“My music is dynamic, my music is for the whole world. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you can dance to it.”—DJ Katapila

Hot off the success of DJ Katapila’s Trotro album Awesome Tapes drop  a 4-track EP by the Ghanaian producer that you need in your life. An exciting combination of frenetic rhythm born from his native Ghana – infused with the ghetto sound of Chicago house music! This 12″ includes two previously unreleased tracks that have never been on vinyl before. I highly recommend having a listen below and picking up a copy before it sells out. As always Awesome Tapes From Africa has done a wonderful job.


1. Trotro
2. Kotulo
3. Gbe Ohe Coco
4. Trotro (Instrumental)


DJ Katapila’s Trotro 12″ is out now (buy)


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