Goat announce new album, share ‘Try My Robe’

GOAT - Try My Robe

Swedish psych-rock collective GOAT are gearing up to release Requiem their third full-length album. The 13-track LP finds the band focusing more on their subdued, bucolic ritualism than psilocybin freakouts, with a pronounced folk-rock influence pervading the project. “ Try My Robe” is the second excerpt from the album. Listen to the track below, followed by the album trailer and tracklist.


1. Djorolen/Union of Sun and Moon
2. I Sing in Silence
3. Temple Rhythms
4. Alarms
5. Trouble in the Streets
6. Psychedelic Lover
7. Goatband
8. Try My Robe
9. It’s Not Me
10. All-Seeing Eye
11. Goatfuzz
12. Goodbye
13. Ubuntu


GOAT will release Requiem October 7th on via Sub Pop (pre-order)


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