London based artist Trevor Jackson returns with his Playgroup Project

Trevor Jackson returns with Playgroup project

London based artist Trevor Jackson is gearing up to drop a 30-track compilation of reworked demos and unreleased recordings in a series of 9” vinyl EPs over a period of 9 weeks. Jackson describes the sound as “inspired by the hedonistic early days of house, disco, post-punk, electro and dub, these tracks reflect a unique moment in time”, creating a soundtrack which is a “testament to the non-air conditioned, non-i-Phone infested and non-corporate clubbing days of yore”.

The 30 tracks were originally made between 1997 and 2001 during the recording sessions for the first Playgroup album. Collaborations include Sasha Crnobrnja from In Flagranti, EDMX,  Mike Z from new wave band Crash Course in Science, and Four Tet, who plays the guitar on the final EP’s lead track. The series kicks off on July 22nd and ends on September 16th.

Listen to Jackson’s little mix of the EPs below. Pre-order the vinyl here.


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