Ash Koosha – Faint

Ash Koosha - Faint

Following the release of his debut album “I AKA I,” Iranian-born, London-based electronic musician Ash Koosha has shared the  new single “Faint”.  At just under three minutes long, the track scuttles along at breakneck speed with fizzing electronics that sees the experimental Koosha creating yet another complex electronic soundscape.

“Faint” is about language, how emotions travel through melodies when we speak words and even though most of the times we don’t understand people talking in a foreign language, we somehow engage in their emotional conflicts, in public places, parties and elsewhere. In the song there is a machine talking ( the lead melody ), its as if we have created an AI that speaks and yells and gets excited in its own programmed language, do we understand the AI? or has it created an entirely different form of intelligence than ours?

Big fans of Koosha and we’ve had this track on loop since it landed.


Ash Koosha’s ‘Faint’ is out now (buy)

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