Seb Wildblood – Jazz Vol​.​1 EP

Seb Wildblood- Jazz Vol.1

Via Juno:

Seb Wildblood‘s impressive rise among the ranks hasn’t gone unnoticed around these parts and, in fact, we’ve been keen listeners of his work; his rapid career progressions have even taken him to the legendary Skint Records, home to material by little producers by the name of Fat Boy Slim and X-Press 2. This time, however, he’s gone more local and back to Church, his own imprint that has had an equally impressive rise to the top as of late. Jazz Vol.1 is a delightfully soft-spoken house excursion that cements Wildblood’s status as a new name to watch out for in the UK deep house movement, and if you’re into material by the Detroit big-hitters, you’ll certainly enjoy this little bit of lo-fi house.


Seb Wildblood’s Jazz Vol.1 EP is out now via Church (buy)

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