Album Of The Week: Oliver Coates – Upstepping


Album Of The Week : Oliver Coates - Upstepping

Via Prah Recordings:

New album from acclaimed cellist Oliver Coates who recently played with Actress at his sold-out London Barbican show. Fuelled by caffeine, nervous energy and early Orbital and Photek, “Upstepping” is an album of newclassical electronic experimentalism where Coates pushes the boundaries of what a cello is capable of.

As Coates explains, “About 95 per cent of the sounds are derived from recording the cello and processing it digitally. A hi-hat equivalent is often a distorted, compressed and heavily EQ’d horsehair-on-steel stroke. All the melodic pitched sounds, even the ones that feel like keys, are samples of the tail of a cello harmonic. For example, ‘Perfect Love’ is a study in grey, concealing the source – it’s 100 per cent made from different types of cello attack.”

The result is an astonishing record rich in the sonic and rhythmic palette of dance and electronic music – with hints of early rave, garage and the sounds of 1980s London pirate radios – and one which re-defines the possibilities of classical instrumentation.

Recommended for fans of Floating Points, Burial, Actress, Steve Reich, Circle Traps etc.




Oliver Coates - Upstepping




1. Innocent Love

2.Timelapse (Walrus)

3. Bambi 2046

4. Perfect Love

5. Memorial To Hitchens

6. The Irish Book Of Death & Flying Ships

7. Stash




Oliver Coates’ ‘Unstepping’ is out now via Prah Recordings (buy)

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