Mark Pritchard x Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Now:Now

Mark Pritchard x Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Now:Now

Bleep has just shared a brillant collaboration between Warp producer Mark Pritchard and the talented Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

Remixes are a major part of the electronic music history. The club culture take off on remixes, some of the greatest dance hits where made from remixing original tracks.
Our primary purpose is to highlight this exercise by offering the opportunity to artists to either work on a remix or offer a track to be remixed by an artist they admire. It is overseen and curated by independent music lovers and supported by The Absolut Company, a brand that is permanently involved in the field of contemporary arts and creation with a tradition of supporting artists such as Keith Haring and Andy Warhol at their very early stage of their career. The Absolut Remix project is dedicated to the art of combining or editing existing materials, to produce something new. Bleep

Stream the track below and lookout for a new remix on the last Thursday of every month.




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