The Rewind No 37: Greg Yoder – Dreamer Of Life

Probably the rarest of rare Hawaiian AOR releases, Greg Yoder’s “Dreamer of Life” gets the official reissue thanks to the French record label Favorite Recordings. Originally from San Francisco, Greg Yoder moved to Hawai‘i in the early seventies and after achieving some local fame in the Waikiki area, recorded this one-off LP in 1976 at Audissey Sound studios, in Honolulu. The music is smooth and soothing, mixing xylophones, percussions, sweet guitars and brilliant orchestrations. In short, Dreamer of Life is full of hidden hits and faultless from the first note to the last. Highly sought by collectors, this normally very expensive record can now be enjoyed without breaking the bank thanks to the good people at Favorite Recordings. Hawaiian AOR at its finest.

Greg Yoder’s ‘Dreamer Of Life’ is out now through Favorite Recordings (buy).

CF Smith

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