Floating Points drops his first new music since last year’s Elaenia.

Floating Points has announced a new EP called Kuiper. The two-track EP is the first new material since last years Elaenia album. One side features the 18-minute long title track made with members of his live band, namely Leo Taylor, Alex Reeve and Susumu Mukai. The flip, “For Marmish Part II,” is a song written around the same time as the original “For Marmish,” which appeared on Elaenia and features the dulcet tones of Floating Points Shepherd singing.

“Since starting a band to realise the music from my LP, it has sparked a deep interest in the band itself, and so Kuiper is the result of playing with Leo, Alex and Susumu. Each time we play it, its completely different. We set the scene with electronics, and some drum machines that form the foundation to allow the unfurling of the rest of the track. The version on this EP – believe it or not – was recorded at 8am!”

The other side – “For Marmish Part II” – is carbon dated by my singing voice. I can’t get that high anymore! It was recorded way before “For Marmish” on the album but the two tracks happened to be written around the same time.

I want to share them because both sides reflect in two tracks where I was right at the start of the Elaenia project, right up to now post-LP release, playing live and going on the road with a band. I hope, like I feel, people will find a common strand in the hypnotic nature of both tracks.” Floating Points

Released through his own Pluto label, Kuiper will be available digitally and on vinyl. Watch a live video for the title track above.

01. Kuiper
02. For Marmish Part II



‘Kuiper’/ ‘For Marmish Part ll’ is out via Pluto on July 22nd (pre-order)

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