Owiny Sigoma Band share (Nairobi) Too Hot w/ remix from DJ Khalab

Owiny Sigoma Band - (Nairobi) Too Hot

British/Kenyan outfit Owiny Sigoma Band unveil the latest single from their third album Nyanza, released back in August last year. The band effortlessly fuse traditional Western Kenya music with left-of-centre British synth-pop influences.

In an interview with Dummy following the album’s release, band member Jesse Hackett explained that “I’ve always been interested in pop in one form or another… When I wrote ‘Wires’, it was the first time I’d ever thought to write a song over an African-style thing with the highlife guitar riff and all of that. I think there’s something really joyous and uplifting about their music.”

The single comes backed by a remix from DJ Khalab, where the oft-Clap! Clap! collaborator has produced an acid-tinged re-rub that retains the bittersweet lilt of the original.  Press play, you won’t regret it.




Owiny Sigoma Band – (Nairobi) Too Hot w/ DJ Khalab remix (pre-order)

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