The Leftovers

The Leftovers 09.04.16

Things are moving super fast! A little too fast! We can’t keep up with all the good stuff that drops every day on the interwebs. While we try to post every new track, album, mixtape, video, and MP3 download that we love on the site, it’s impossible to post everything, which means some quality newness gets missed. So, we serve up The Leftovers.


In November of last year, First Word Records were invited to visit Peel Acres for the third and final part of their trilogy of Record Store Day releases. Producers Tall Black Guy, Kidkanevil, Eric Lau & Mr Thing spent the day exploring the collection, tasked with finding inspiration and samples from the thousands of records on the shelves. They then each created a new track from their discoveries on the day. Watch up top.



An EP of outtakes and loose ends from a race of angels’ debut album, “Pointless,” coming early summer 2016 on Fresh Selects. Name your price over on Bandcamp.



The electronic composer invited The Vinyl Factory to her LA home for an intimate performance. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has become one of the most fascinating champions of modular synthesis in recent memory — but she didn’t start out that way. Watch above and stream her recent released album, EARS here.



Stunning remix from North London producer K15, taken from the new Alexis Davis new project “The Other Numbers”. Check it out above. Name your price on Bandcamp.



Melanie De Biasio has announced details of a new composition titled Blackened Cities set for release on 20th May with Play It Again Sam. Watch the teaser video above.


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