The Leftovers

The Leftovers 09.04.16

Things are moving super fast! A little too fast! We can’t keep up with all the good stuff that drops every day on the interwebs. While we try to post every new track, album, mixtape, video, and MP3 download that we love on the site, it’s impossible to post everything, which means some quality newness gets missed. So, we serve up The Leftovers.


Listen to Colin Stetson presents: SORROW – a reimagining of Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony. The arrangement draws heavily from the world of black metal, early electronic music, and from Stetson’s own body of solo saxophone music. Press play, sit back and enjoy. (Buy)


Introducing Jasmine Power, a young jazz singer and composer from the Welsh coast who’s been getting love from tastemakers like Gilles Peterson and Jamie Cullum. If you like jazz with a neo-soul vibe and strong lyrical content then tune in above. Having listened to her debut EP, Stories & Rhymes is only the tip of the iceberg! (pre-order)


Bouche plays the deeply emotive and beguilingly timeless music of singer and double bass player Rebekah Bouche, over a seductive swagger of electric guitar and a sultry, weaving trumpet. Don’t miss out on this one, press play now!


South London singer and producer Sarah Williams White recently shared the visual for “Rainmaker”. Catch the visual above and check out fellow South Londoner FYI Chris remix of the track HERE.


Having dropped last year’s standout mixtape aptly entitled “Live Under No Authority’” The Age of L.U.N.A. follow-up with their seductive new offering ‘Blow Me Away’. Watch the visual above.


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