Adult Jazz Shares ‘Eggshell’


Adult Jazz -Earrings Off!

Leeds-based quartet Adult Jazz have been relatively quiet since releasing their debut album Gist Is back in 2014. We were treated to a couple of cool remixes by Shabazz Palaces and Happa and recently they jumped on production duties for OKAY KAYA. The band returned a few days ago with the announcement of a mini-LP titled Earrings Off! and unveiled the first taste of the new record with “Eggshell”.

“The record is about masculinity, singer Harry Burgess explains in a press release. Embodiment, lust, idealization, privilege, legitimacy and limitation. It’s about acknowledging the weight, with a view to liberation from its past clout. It’s about picking your ideal body, and playing with body language to achieve authenticity. It’s about the possibility of authenticity. Some identities are culturally designated as coherent, and work off the hanger from birth. Some are more bespoke!”

Give the track, and it’s equally stunning clip a play below.



1. Earrings Off!
2. (Cry For Time Off)
3. Eggshell
4. (Cry For Coherence)
5 .Pumped From Above
6. Ooh Ah Eh
7. (Cry For Home)

Earrings Off! is out May 20th via Tri Angle. (Pre-order)

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