Jameszoo announces debut album ,Fool

Jameszoo - Flake

Mitchel Van Dinther aka Jameszoo will release his first album on Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder next month.  The album entitled Fool and described by Van Dinther as “naive, computer jazz.” The word ‘naive’ comes from the Latin ‘nativus’, meaning native, or natural, contrary to today’s meaning.

During the recording process, Van Dinther became obsessed with classic albums by Steve Kuhn (1971’s Steve Kuhn), Arthur Verocai (1972’s Arthur Verocai), and Robert Wyatt (1974’s Rock Bottom). The melodies, compositions, and idiosyncrasies of these works made the young Dutch producer reconsider his approach, moving him away from the colourful, electronic productions he was known for.

The album features reimagined versions of Kuhn and Verocai works featuring the artists themselves—Rhodes and vocals from Steve Kuhn, and an hour-long jam with Verocai and vocalist Carlos Dafé.

“Fool is a product of coming to terms with myself,” he says. “Whereas before electronic music was the foundation of my composing, now it is nothing more than an instrument within the range of many. I tried to create something that is both tradition and me fooling around.”

Check out “Flake” below.



Jameszoo’s Fool is released 13th May on Brainfeeder (pe-order)

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