The Rewind N0 34: Suzanne Ciani’s Buchla Concerts



Suzanne Ciani Buchla Concerts

Suzanne Ciani‘s Buchla Concerts will get a release on Finders Keepers Records on April 29th. The album features two vintage Ciani performances, one from the WBAI Free Music Store that was located in a deconsecrated church in New York, and another held at minimalist composer Phill Niblock’s loft space.

These concerts are the epitome of rare music technology historic documents, performed by a real musician whose skills and academic education in classical composition already outweighed her male synthesiser contemporaries of twice her age. At the very start of her fragile career these recordings are nothing short of sacrificial ode to her mentor and machine, sonic pickets of the revolution and love letters to an absolutely genuine vision of and ‘alternative’ musical future. In denouncing her own precocious polymathmatic past in a bid to persuade the world to sing from a new hymn sheet, Suzanne Ciani created a bi-product of never before heard music that would render the pigeon holes “ambient” and “futuristic” utterly inadequate. Providing nothing short of an entirely different feminine take on the experimental “records” of Morton Subotnick and proving to a small, judgmental audience and jury the true versatility of one of the most radical and idiosyncratic musical instruments of the 20th century. These recordings have not been heard since then. Finders Keepers


Listen to the sound clips via the Finders Keepers website.


01. Concert At WBAI Free Music Store
02. Concert At Phill Niblock’s Loft




Finders Keepers will release Buchla Concerts on April 29th (pre-order)

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