Brooklyn duo Quincy Vidal share ‘Third Rail’ from their forthcoming Chi’ren EP


Quincy Vidal - Chi'ren

Via Bandcamp:

Brooklyn’s Quincy Vidal boasts two unique personalities behind the mic: Le’Asha Julius and Caleb “CE” Eberhardt. The duo met in the acting department at Purchase College before descending on Brooklyn with the intention of composing day-in-the-life odysseys through a fiercely modern take on Golden Age hip hop.

Performing constantly throughout the five boroughs while dropping 3 albums of jazz-inflected heat since 2010, QV set forth in 2016 with a different kind of release: a custom-designed hoodie embedded with a download code for their label debut, Chi’ren.


The pairing of Chi’ren’s playful artwork and intentional lyricism blazes through each song, as Le and CE weave through tales of love, anger, sex, betrayal and ultimately, the loss of childhood innocence. Chi’ren features productions from both CE and Space People, whose beat tape, SHMM, dropped in December 2015. Their work draws from 90’s and 10’s inspiration with crucial abandon – no style is more present than the singular, alive and confident voices of Quincy Vidal. Listen to the first extract from the album below, titled “Third Rail.”




Grab the limited edition hoodie and early download of the Chi’ren EP here


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