Discogs launch iOS app, Android on the way!

Discogs App

Via The Vinyl Factory

After years of waiting, the official Discogs app is finally being released today. The app, which is out on iOS, gives users access the massive Discogs catalogue on the go.

As Discogs told us in their complete rundown of the app:

“The app syncs with your Discogs account, so once you login you can fully track your Want List and Collection, and add and subtract from these. You can search the entire Discogs database of over 6,467,000 releases. You can also use your phone’s camera to run a barcode scan.”

Anyone who’s used the Discogs website on a mobile browser will know how useful the app will be in checking prices when rifling through the racks.

The Discogs app is out on iOS today with a Android version currently in the works – sign up for beta testing here.

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