The Leftovers

The Leftovers 20.02.16

Things are moving super fast! A little too fast! We can’t keep up with all the good stuff that drops every day on the interwebs. While we try to post every new track, album, mixtape, video, and MP3 download that we love on the site, it’s impossible to post everything, which means some quality newness gets missed. So, we serve up The Leftovers.


Wow, this is incredible. Musician, composer, producer and video artist Kutiman returns with an epic instrumental music piece inspired by the diverse musicians found in the depths of the World Wide Web. Kutiman’s latest project titled Off Grid is an ode to Jazz music and its exquisite colorfulness, which emanates from the richness offered by Kutiman’s textured instrumentals. This project is another successful notch under his belt. Kutiman is a musical genius.


Composer, multi-instrumentalist, and electronic/experimental music producer Yann Rouquet dropped a wonderful 7-track EP earlier this month. From ambient soundscapes to electronic instrumentals to soundtrack music from an unwritten movie this is top stuff from Rouquet! (buy)


Founded in 1993, Clone is a record store, a distributor and a ring of 15+ record labels, including Clone Jack for Daze, Royal Oak and Clone Basement Series. With the store, office and warehouse moving from Mauritsweg 60 to a new location in Rotterdam, FACT TV and DJ Haus spent some time with Clone owner Serge, getting to know the background, specifics and ins-and-outs of the operation. We also got to dig through some records with Serge, a man who’s still addicted 20 years on from launching his baby. Some serious dance music history right here.


The best introductions are usually short and sweet. TheodorBlack a 16-year-old artist from South East London sent one such brief introduction along with his latest offering. We listened, we liked it, and now we’re sharing it with you. Browsing his SoundCloud page led us here and here. Click on the links, both are worth your attention.


Gilles Peterson treats us to a special all-Brazilian DJ set alongside his live performance at Boiler Rooms Ballantine’s Stay True Brazil show in Recife.

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