Introducing Meernaa

10/9  - Meernaa

Introducing a new outfit from Oakland called Meernaa and their second single “10/9”, which most definitely needs your attention.

The trio consisting of Andrew Maguire (drums), Rob Shelton (synth bass/synth) and Carly Bond (guitar and vocals) write brilliantly crafted, ear-wormy songs that cover a range of styles that incorporate slick R&B, rock and post rock.

When I first heard “10/9” i was instantly grabbed by the velvety layers of delicate instrumentation and sweet vocals from lead singer Carly Bond.

If this is to serve as a preview of what is to come from Merrnaa – then I’m very excited about their future.

Oh, and check out their fantastic debut track “Constant Love” below.

Meernaa’s singles are available via Bandcamp (buy)


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