Album Of The Week: Amanar – Tumastin


This is one of those easy weeks when it comes to choosing our favourite new album. Once again Sahelsounds, the project of Christopher Kirkley, come up with the goods. Everything put out by this label is utterly absorbing, and the new album by Amanar is another killer release. Lush studio compositions with rolling rhythms and wistful melodies from Northern Mali’s standout Tuareg, guitar band. Disrupted by political conflict in the Sahara, Amanar’s follow up is years in the making. Soulful call and response in a charged reclamation to the origins of Tuareg guitar: messages to a people divided. Songs about change, nostalgia, and hope from Mali’s band-in-exile. Standout cuts are the title track with its perfect execution of the Tuareg sound, “At Oui Tass”, “Dounia Tade”, the uplifting “Tarha”, and “Sin Orane” a beautiful folkish number that closes out the record. All in all a bona fide brilliant album. Hopefully, like Tinariwen and Terakaft they will gain the wider international recognition their music richly deserves.


Amanar’s ‘Tumastin‘ is out now on SahelSounds. (buy)

CF Smith

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