New Sounds: en2ak -Once A Week ft Paulina Przybysz & Seb Zillner

en2ak - Kamikaze Broccoli

Red Bull Music Academy alumnus En2ak returns on U Know Me Records with his 4th LP “Kamikaze Broccoli”. The „KK” album is full of cameos, including one of the best polish rappers VNM, and acclaimed singer Paulina Przybysz. Also as many as three Red Bull Music Academy alumni: Jolly Mare, Ben LaMar and Mr Krime.

Join En2ak in this hazed journey, as he explores never played-out samples, heavy arrhythmic hip-hop beats, mutated cascades of glitches and sonic distortions, whimsical and sometimes goofy synths. All that in a blunted mixture with some orchestral accents sprinkled on. And yes, as the world of “Kamikaze Broccoli” unfolds you can clearly hear inspirations from the likes of DJ Vadim, Pete Rock, Madlib, and Teebs.

Although the emphasis on hip-hop is stronger here than on previous releases, the “Kamikaze Broccoli” album is still very versatile and should please both electronic music fans and hip-hop heads.

Check out our favourite cut Once a Week featuring Paulina Przybysz and Seb Zillner below. Enjoy the track and stream the rest here.





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