The Leftovers

The Leftovers 25.12.15

Things are moving super fast! A little too fast! We can’t keep up with all the good stuff that drops every day on the interwebs. While we try to post every new track, album, mixtape, video, and MP3 download that we love on the site, it’s impossible to post everything, which means some quality newness gets missed. So, we serve up The Leftovers.



We missed this album when it came out in January, but luckily we’re now catching up to Makaya McCraven’s brilliant album. Nearly 48 hours of live improvised performance recorded at 1 venue over 12 months and 28 shows – culled, cut, rendered, and remixed into 19 potent pieces of organic beat music. A must listen.


Here’s a track that arrived in my Twitter inbox from Liverpudlian rapper Nelson. We’ve featured Nelson on the site before but his new track titled “Storm Brewing” serves a proper introduction. Watch the video up top and peep his Soundcloud for more tunes.


Leaf Erikson - Hidden Gems EP

I’m a little behind on email submissions and this one has been on my to-do list since last Tuesday. Nevertheless, Leaf Erikson has a really cool sound that will draw you in and have you immediately nodding your head to his jazzy hip hop vibe. This will be on repeat for the foreseeable future.


I absolutely love this track. Bit late to the Section Boyz party, but this is a big tune  and worthy of a few rewinds.


Capt JAV

Here’s an interesting submission from Capt JAV. His latest offering is a brooding number filled with a thudding beat and sharp wordplay. Peep the track above and get into it.

CF Smith

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