New Sounds: Jaze Baqti – Unknown

Jaze Baqti

You will remember we featured French producer Jaze Baqti a few backs when he dropped not one but two EP’s, well the prolific producer returns to centre stage with another excellent EP titled “Unknown”. This new once again covers a broad range of sounds; the jazz enthusiast brings in elements of hip-hop, soul and funk to create a cohesive sound that pushes into the realm of avant-garde/spiritual music by artists such as Sun Ra and Pharoah Sanders. By the end of the brilliant first song “Unknown,” he’s already created a thoroughly satisfying twenty-three minutes of music. But there are still four songs to go and they’re all as strong. If you’re a fan of Baqti’s music, you will absolutely love this “tour de force” of an EP. If you are new to him, I highly recommend you pick this EP up today!




Jaze Baqti’s “Unknown” is available to download here

CF Smith

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