Tidelines – Dream EP

Tidelines - Dream EP

The South East London girl-boy duo made up of Niomí Eve and Kailin draw influences from both sides of the Atlantic—including Arca, Night Slugs, and American R&B singers like Tinashe and Cassie.

“Dream” follows their debut EP “Say My Time”; a gorgeous debut that went on to win over early adopters and key tastemakers, the online chatter about Tidelines intricate electronic pop posited them as London’s latest emerging alt-pop stars. New EP “Dream” matches the shape and surreal outline of reality that our subconscious can take on. First track “How To Love Me” is drenched in layers of sound and skittering electronica, but it’s also a gorgeous and majestic pop song beneath the surface. Niomí’s velvety vocals slide through the mix while the synths themselves seem to wheeze and soar.

The duo met by chance in London. Claiming to be complete opposites in so many ways – from musical differences to the way they see the world – they named themselves Tidelines, which describes the debris formed when two bodies of water meet.

Both born in London but raised in different parts of the world – from Bejing (Kailin) to Ireland (Niomi) – they also bring a synthesis of cultures to their music. The EP is soft and ethereal, but with darker simmering undertones that twist and turn, reflecting the duo’s conflicting natures.

“Lying”, the second track on the EP juxtaposes dense, unsettling production with softly sung vocals about pain and heartbreak. Whereas title track “Dream” offers an experimental angularity with it’s twinkling waves and club-leaning production.


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