Between The Cracks: 5 Albums You May Have Missed

Between The Cracks

With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for new music to drop online and go unnoticed. To help prevent this, we’ve picked five new release’s you don’t want to sleep on. Stream music from Diggs Duke, Vula Viel, Fredfades & Ivan Ave, Ash Walker and Tru Thoughts. If you like what you hear, support the artist.


Diggs Duke – Civil Circus

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Diggs Duke closes out 2015 with the short but beautiful Civil Circus album. Ten new tracks of excellent jazzy soul, it’s one to keep you warm on those long cold winter nights ahead.




Vula Viel – Good is Good

The adaptations of Dagaare traditional music on this record were given to Bex by Thomas Segkura and the people of Guo (North Ghana) during her traditional apprenticeship as a Gyil maker. These powerful Ghanaian pieces are played as Bex understands them and as felt by the band. Takyen Korakora, Gandayina, Zine Dondone and Bekone are all based on strong and forceful funeral music. The others are recreational music. Vula Viel takes inspiration from Afro-jazz and turns it into something entirely different.




Fredfades & Ivan Ave – Fruitful

“Fruitful” pairs the production of Fredfades with the lyrics of Ivan Ave. This combination of talent is a match made in heaven as Fredfades’ wizardry creates the perfect backdrop for Ave’s epic tales about urban life, relationships and daily observations.




Ash Walker – Augmented 7th

Combining an eclectic mix of genres, Ash Walker’s engrossing album ranges from abstract trip-hop and King Tubby-influenced dub-reggae to downtempo electronica, all entrenched in a jazz tone – as indicated by its title, which refers to a chord popular in the genre. This 18-track album emphatically showcases Ash’s musical versatility, and his ability to craft mesmerising jazz-infused hits. A must listen.




Tru Thoughts –  Tru Thoughts 2015

Tru Thoughts A&R and Co-owner, and respected DJ, Robert Luis rounds up a stunning selection of the best music to have launched from the Brighton based label in its 16th year, ranging from cutting-edge electronica and future soul through dub, dancehall and jungle to psychedelia and jazz and beyond. 2015 has been a great year for breakthrough talent on the roster, and this eclectic collection brings 22 tracks encompassing an exciting crop of rising stars from all over the world alongside some of the biggest and most established names on the imprint.




∗ These are not all our words, some text taken from press releases.

CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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