Album Of The Week: Mike Lundy – The Rhythm Of Life

 The Rhythm Of Life by Mike Lundy
The Rhythm Of Life is Mike Lundy’s only LP, recorded in 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Inspired by bands like Tower Of Power and Earth, Wind & Fire, The Rhythm Of Life claims its identity in the funk-and-soul universe with inventive arrangements, clever rhythms, and a timeless quality that transcends the notion of what music from Hawaii should sound like.

Mike Lundy originally recorded The Rhythm Of Life in Honolulu in 1979, sharing the same studio with Hawaiian funk legends Lemuria and Aura.

It’s a record that makes you feel like you’re living on a tropical island without a care in the world. If you’re having a bad day play this record and I promise you will feel better.

“There couldn’t have been a more perfect collaboration with which to launch the Aloha Got Soul label. Working with Mike has been a blessing. Coincidence has found us time after time along our journey. We share a mutual respect for each other’s honesty, and we believe in the power of music that comes from the soul. By placing his complete trust in me to re-present his music to today’s audience, Mike has given me the confidence and experience to make Aloha Got Soul a successful record label.

In a landscape that’s been transformed by time, commercialization, and the internet, the music of Hawaii’s past is beckoning to make waves once again. I’d like to make sure this time it won’t go unnoticed.”
— Roger Bong, August 2015

Mike Lundy - The Rhythm Of Life

This is an outstanding collection that touches on R&B, soul and funk skipping over tracks on this one is not an option as each track fits perfectly in its artful arrangement.

Some of my personal favorite tracks include “Shape of Things”, Off Key” and the title track “Love Today”.

Once again Aloha Got Soul come up with the goods, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other treasures they dig up from the Pacific Island.





Mike Lundy’s The Rhythm Of Life is out now digitally and on vinyl ( 1000 copies)

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